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Marsue and Jerry Huerta are a family of lay authors who have dedicated years of their lives to the intense study of the historicist’s interpretations of the book of Revelation and believe they have written a book for our time that renovates the historicist’s house while leaving it standing. It finishes the house of historicism. They currently live in Tucson, Arizona.

Who would have thought that after some two scores of years a conversation between Jerry and Marsue over how our educational system had misrepresented the Industrial Revolution as a benevolent phenomenon would inevitably result in their book, Thy Kingdom Come?

This meeting and conversation led to their marriage and to three children, whom they themselves have become young adults who are even more on fire for Christ and His Father. Jerry and Marsue embarked upon an unconventional life that has led to tremendous trials and vicissitudes as a result of taking the straight and narrow road for Christ. They have led modest lives, never looking for aggrandizement, which gave them the freedom to ultimately come to the truths they would now like to share with God’s remnant people.